The Price – Narcissa Whitman

THE PRICE (1 1/2 life-size by Pamela Harr) Narcissa Whitman was a missionary and first White woman to cross the Rockies on the Oregon Trail.  This poignant sculpture depicts Narcissa holding her daughter Alice age 2 1/2 who drowned in the river near their mission in Walla Walla, Washington.  Touched by the heart breaking story […]

Waiting For The School Bus

WAITING FOR THE SCHOOL BUS (1 1/3 life-size) By Pamela Harr This monumental sculpture of three dogs waiting expectantly for their kids to come home appears in front of the Dawson County High School, Glendive, Montana.  Pamela’s husband Harvey told her about his little dog that was waiting every day when he got home from […]

Born To Hunt

BORN TO HUNT (1 1/3 life-size) by Pamela Harr Ty Milne was a charter member of the Greater Glendive Community Foundation who passed away in August 2016.  He was the owner of the John Deere Implement Shop and his time and philanthropic contributions made Glendive a better place to live.  In his memory, his family […]

To The Color

TO THE COLOR (1 1/5 life-size) by Pamela Harr The Title is from the bugle call which is sounded to muster the troops.  The sculpture stands in front of the Eastern Montana Veterans Home  in Glendive, Montana and was erected to honor American veterans who served in all wars.