Northeast Montana Veterans Memorial Sculptures

The Northeast Montana Veterans Memorial Park was dedicated July 4, 2016.  Two life-sized bronze sculptures stand in tribute to those veterans who have served our country since it was founded.  Looking back, Harvey and Pamela spent seven years in the research and  planning stage.  With the approval of the Glasgow, Montana VFW committee they created a lone bugler depicted in both dress uniform and fatigues, first as small 6” and 12” tall models.

Life sized bronze sculpture by Pamela Harr of an Army bugler playing Taps.Later after Harvey’s death December 7, 2015 Pamela completed the chosen fatigue version which she enlarged to a height of 6’6”.  A life-sized flag-draped casket was also discussed as a second sculpture and has since become the heart of the entire memorial.

The casket sits under the towering replica of the Ft. Peck Dam while the bugler stands 45 regulation paces away facing the center.

On the beautiful day of dedication, nearly 1000 people attended.  Emotions ran high amid tears of remembrance. The Pledge of Allegiance was spoken, songs were sung, speeches were given, the high school band played and then Echo Taps was sounded.  With more than one million dollars raised so far, it has become the largest memorial honoring veterans in Montana, where more men and women per capita have served in the military than in any other state.  On the memorial web site people can purchase tiles for the wall naming family members who have served.  They can also purchase benches.  There is more to add; parking lots, restrooms, picnic area, perhaps a water feature and more.

In the words of Rudyard Kipling: “In times of war and not before, God and soldier we adore.  But in times of peace and all things righted, God is forsaken and the soldier slighted.”

Watch this video of Pamela explaining the Memorial’s beginnings and the process she went through to create these lasting monuments to our Montana military heros.  In it she mentions the smaller replicas of the bugler which are available for sale directly from Bridger Bronze.


Enjoy these photos of the Memorial and the sculpting process.